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Sent mouse event source


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Not set




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The platform uses the source of the mouse event to determine if it should do fluffing (i.e. only fluff mouse events that come from touches). We should set the source. While we're doing it, I thought I'd try to get us sending normal mouse events as well.
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Trying to send mouse events through the platform is getting there, but will need some work and is lower priority. This part is needed for bug 788073 and is easy.
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Ran into an error in the last guy. Fixed
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::: mobile/android/chrome/content/browser.js
@@ +4251,5 @@
>              // the target should already have been fluffed by the platform touch event code, but
>              // will be fluffed out again by the platform mouse event code as well
> +            let window = element.ownerDocument.defaultView;
> +            let cwu =;

Not your fault, but it might be a good idea to rename "window" to "win" or something else so we don't have a local variable hiding a built-in global variable. That seems like a potential footgun.

@@ +4515,2 @@
>      try {
> +      cwu.sendMouseEventToWindow(aName, aX, aY, 0, 1, 0, true, 1.0, aSource);

Maybe it makes sense to just inline this function? I don't know if it's worth catching exceptions on each of these events individually, we could just do it as a block around all three of them. If one throws I double the other two won't anyway.
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