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Gaia Firefox development environment is broken


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: Gaia::System, defect)

Not set


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(Reporter: kgrandon, Assigned: kgrandon)



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I'm seeing the following errors being logged:

System JS : ERROR (null):0
                     uncaught exception: 2147500033
No permission to use the keyboard API for
JavaScript error:, line 1753: navigator.mozKeyboard is null
After bisecting, I've found that the patch for bug 894287 is breaking gaia in nightly.
Blocks: 894287
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Hey - adding a simple shim to gaia. Can someone review?
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Github Pull Request

Next time you likely want to ask etienne, he really likes the telephony API. It has consumed a big part of his time during the last year :)
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Landed in master:
Closed: 7 years ago
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bug 894287 will land on v1-train, so this one should, too?
blocking-b2g: --- → leo?
This is "NPOTB", so it wouldn't hurt to uplift as well.
blocking-b2g: leo? → leo+
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I was not able to uplift this bug to v1-train.  If this bug has dependencies which are not marked in this bug, please comment on this bug.  If this bug depends on patches that aren't approved for v1-train, we need to re-evaluate the approval.  Otherwise, if this is just a merge conflict, you might be able to resolve it with:

  git checkout v1-train
  git cherry-pick -x -m1 70a9797adb9f38efc3f40a4ac8748dd401fca861
  git commit
Flags: needinfo?(kgrandon)
I haven't heard any complaints from users who are unable to use this in v1-train. As we're now focusing on 1.2, this is really not important. Clearing the leo flag, please re-nom if you *really* need this.
blocking-b2g: leo+ → ---
Flags: needinfo?(kgrandon)
Whiteboard: [NPOTB] → [NPOTB] [c= p= s=2013.09.20 u=]
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