Korean page or Simplified Chinese mail is displayed in bold font when browser is launched in Ja locale

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17 years ago
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(Reporter: ji, Assigned: nhottanscp)



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17 years ago
Build: 07/10 branch
OS: RH6.2-J

This bug is seperated from bug 87167.
With the fix for bug 87167, Japanese pages are not displayed in bold anymore,
but Korean pages are still displayed in bold if the browser is launched in
Japanese locale.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch browser in Japaense locale.
2. Go to http://home.netscape.com/ko, you'll see the Korean characters are
displayed in bold.
3. Set LANG to C, then launch browser and go to the same page. You won't see
this problem.

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17 years ago
Changed QA contact to ylong@netscape.com.
QA Contact: andreasb → ylong


17 years ago
Target Milestone: --- → Future

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17 years ago
This problem also exists when displaying a GB2312 mail.

To see it,
1. Go to http://home.netscape.com/zh/cn
2. Send this page in gb2312 to yourself.
3. After received, in the mail subject "XXXX Netscape" ("Welcome to Netscape" in
Chinese, X stands for Chinese characters), the first Chinese and the fourth
Chinese character are displayed in bold.
Summary: Korean page is displayed in bold font when browser is launched in Ja locale → Korean page or Simplified Chinese mail is displayed in bold font when browser is launched in Ja locale

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17 years ago
--> ftang
Assignee: bstell → ftang

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17 years ago
bulk move NEW FUTURE bug to ASSIGN

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17 years ago
Created attachment 58684 [details]
Wrong Korean font

The Korean font is not bold but Yeopseo-che now.

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17 years ago
With the 0.9.6 build(2001112009), and the previous 0.9.5 build
the Korean font is the YeopSeo-che as you can see the attachement I added.

The display font is not changed, whether it is fixed width or not.

I think the 2 problems are linked each other.
With 0.9.4, there was no this problem.

Comment 7

17 years ago
FYI, the Korean font file name used is written in Korean.
The file name is displayed broken on English version of Windows.

Can it cause the problem?

Additional information.
 Just after the Mozilla 0.9.7 was installed the font for the e-mail subject
list was changed as it's set using the preference. But after restarting the
Mozilla, it becomes Yeopseoche again.

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17 years ago
have this been fixed on Linux ? nhotta should address this issue already. 
Assignee: ftang → nhotta


16 years ago

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16 years ago
I'm confused as to what the issue is here. I launched
Mozilla under Japanese locale(RH Linux 7.1) and hardly found anything
abnormal at http://home.netscape.com/ko and
http://home.netscape.com/zh/cn. There have been rather
large changes in Linux(gfx) font selection since last
summer and the problem may have gone by now.
Alternative explanation I don't see the problem is
that I have a lot more Korean and Chinese fonts
installed on my Linux box than come with RH 6.2.

Is the problem still present in 0.9.9 or recent nightly?
If so, I'd like to see a screenshot or two.  

To JongAm,
Are you sure you're talking about the same problem
as originally reported? It seems like your issue
is about Mozilla running under MS-Windows. Could you
file a separate bug? Thank you

Comment 10

16 years ago
Yes, seems the original problem has gone with recently trunk build.

We still have problem on display in mail which handled by some other bugs (bug
121520? bug 119967?)

Comment 11

16 years ago
To Jungshin

Yes, it still looks like that the same one to what I reported before.
However I didn't try the Mozilla 0.9.9 on MS Windows, so I am sure if
the problem is solved now.
FYI, I've seen another bug reporting with this issue. But I can't remember
what it was.
QA Contact: amyy → i18n
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