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6 years ago
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6 years ago
There are versions of Etherpad lite which features a free color-picking option for the highlight of the text.
Is it possible to implement this via a plugin or update, so you are not limited by the preset colors?

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6 years ago
I'd love to see an update to Etherpad Lite.
I know there's some talk about it, but don't know what stage it's at.
I'll ask a few people!
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6 years ago
We do not run etherpad lite. We are still on classic and until lite supports team sites we will be unable to migrate. While we would all love to see classic go away and have access to the yummy candy in light it is currently not feasible.

AFAIK lite has a number of open bugs relating to team site integration and once they are closed we can plan a migration path / timeline.

Sorry to disappoint, but I must.
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6 years ago
Oh, thats unfortunate.
I don't know the code, but are the colors in etherpad saved as HTML RGB Values? 
If yes, wouldn't it be relative easy to insert just the free color picker?
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6 years ago
HAHA, I have no clue, ehterpad classic is literally a legacy POS running in a screen shell. This stuff tends to be stored in the database in some blob or another and the db was not really designed so much as cobbled together. In other words it is a huge PITA to do anything in that labyrinth. I really doubt it's trivial to get this working on classic but if someone sends me a patch I will look over it when I have time. I haven’t got the time to go digging into this myself right now. Internally we have just resigned ourselves to keep limping this craphole along till lite gets team pads. After the upgrade we are going office space all over the server currently running classic lest it infect anything else with its sticky ooze. Again I hate to say no but it is really not feasible to fix or get developer time assigned to this project, especially as it is *hopefully* going away soon.
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(In reply to rpstuff from comment #3)
> I don't know the code, but are the colors in etherpad saved as HTML RGB
> Values? 
> If yes, wouldn't it be relative easy to insert just the free color picker?

it's not that straight forward no. etherpad-lite is written in javascript, etherpad (classic) is written in java. a plugin for one will not work with the other.
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If you want to poke at this yourself, the fork that we run is here:

For a guess, you might want to look around in here:

Etherpad Classic is abandoned upstream, and we have no significant dev resources on our side for implementing this sort of request. The best we can do is merge pull requests, if anyone has the time to send any. :)
Resolution: FIXED → WONTFIX
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