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Rename js/src/ion to js/src/jit


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As discussed on the mailing list last week, this patch renames js/src/ion to js/src/jit.

It also renames the ifdefs in the header files, for instance ion_TypePolicy_h -> jit_TypePolicy_h

What may be a problem for some people is that the "jit-test" directory and the "jit" directory both start with "jit", so the shell does not complete "jit<tab>" to "jit/" If anybody thinks that's a problem please speak up..

I can build a shell with this patch, but still need to send this to Try.
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Great!  As for 'jit-test', hopefully, in the long term, we'll roll that into src/tests so that *gasp* we only have a single shell testing harness.
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Sorry for breaking everybody's patches.. Though "hg rebase" should take care of that just fine. If you don't use hg rebase, replacing ion/ with jit/ in the patch file should work..
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Any plans to rename the |ion| namespace?
(In reply to Nicholas Nethercote [:njn] from comment #5)
> Any plans to rename the |ion| namespace?

Yup, that's next. I also want to rename

IonRuntime -> JitRuntime
IonCompartment -> JitCompartment
IonCode -> JitCode
IonFrames -> JitFrames

(These are used by both JITs.)
While you are busy, what about renaming " --ion" to " --jit". IIRC --ion also tests --eager-baseline.
(In reply to Jan de Mooij [:jandem] from comment #6)
> Yup, that's next. I also want to rename
> IonFrames -> JitFrames

Do you mind if I do the renaming of the last one?  As I currently have a *Huge* pile of patches waiting for review on these files. (Bug 878503)

Otherwise, somebody can just review these patches (22+ … and more coming) such as I land them before you do the modifications, but I guess this will require that nobody enforce that these patches should not be reviewed.
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Renaming js/src/ion to js/src/jit makes backporting JIT patches to aurora, beta and ESR24 a lot more annoying. As suggested in bug 909499 comment 2, we'd like to backport these changes to aurora and beta (including ESR24). To quote Waldo:

> Failing that, I think we should seriously consider redoing this rename for
> esr24 as well.  As long as we're careful about it just being renaming, I
> think it'd be worth it to avoid ten months of backport conflict-fixing.  To
> be honest, that scares me more than the possibility of screwing something up
> in a single, concerted renaming backport-session.
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See comment 9.
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Patch for aurora

Thanks for doing this Jan.
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Try pushes are green.
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(In reply to Ryan VanderMeulen [:RyanVM UTC-4] from comment #13)
> Try pushes are green.

That was quick :), Looks good to land , approving !
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