Message loses its "replied" status/mark after deleting attachments



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5 years ago
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Windows 7

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Build ID: 20130730113002

Steps to reproduce:

1. receive an email with an attachment(s)
2. reply the email. Now the email appears with the replied status/icon
3. delete the attachment(s) from the message. Now the replied status is gone.

Thunderbird 17.0.8 (portable) on Windows 7, 64bits

Actual results:

The replied status/mark disappeared by deleting the attachment(s).

Expected results:

The reply status should stay after deleting attachments.
Maybe it is related to Bug 268589?
Local mail folder? (POP3 or Local Folders)
Or IMAP folder?

If local mail folder, similar issue to Bug 840418?
See following document and check X-Mozilla-Status: header.
Is MSG_FLAG_REPLIED bit(0x0002) correctly written in X-Mozilla-Status: header "after Reply, before Detach/Delete"?

If IMAP, Gmail IMAP?
If Gmail IMAP, see following document.
Was mail moved after Detch/Delete?

If IMAP, get IMAP log and check log file content by Text Editor.
(See bug 402793 comment #28 for getting IMAP log)
Is \Answerd flag stored by Tb upon Detach/Delete operation?
("append" command is used and mail data is uploaded. Flag may be stored by different "uid store xx +Flags( \Seen \Answered ... )" like command).
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