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Clean up the code for converting to/from value grips


(DevTools :: Framework, task, P5)



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(Reporter: bbenvie, Unassigned)


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There's a number of places code that manipulates value grips exists. The function "createValueGrip" is replicated, with minor variations, in at least three places. These should be merged into one function. It would also be good to have a function that does the opposite, "gripToValue" or something.
Depends on: 897256

I'll work on this bug. Although I suspect I'll need some help since this is only my second ticket.
This might not be the best bug to work on as one of your first. While most of it is simple, there's some hairy details at the edge due to needing to create object grips in different ways between the difference implementations of createValueGrip.
Ok, I'll look around for a bug that's more suitable to my skill level. Thanks.
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: DRY up code for converting to/from Value Grips → Clean up the code for converting to/from value grips
Product: Firefox → DevTools
Type: defect → task
Component: Debugger → Framework
Priority: P3 → P5
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