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homescreen doesn't slide in the right direction on RTL localizations


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On FirefoxOS device with RTL (Arabic). The slides doesn't follow the gestures. 

See the screencapture:
Summary: Slides does follow gestures → Slides does not follow gestures
Duplicate of this bug: 903738
Component: General → Gaia::Homescreen
Keywords: rtl
Summary: Slides does not follow gestures → homescreen doesn't slide in the right direction on RTL localizations
Blocks: gaia-rtl
Can be reproduced v1.2
Can be reproduced on v1.5 prerelease from March 29.

Now I can slide back using the opposite direction, some of the icons are not redrawn, they are just drawn one on top of the other as an overlay, that includes the search bar on top sometimes, is there any way to take screenshots on Roamer2/ZTE Open?
You can take screenshots by pressing Power + Home for a few seconds or use developer tools for this:
** Sorry for the noise **
2.0 will be shipping a complete different approach for Homescreen (Bug 989848) that doesn't include horizontal swiping, I'm closing all bugs related to _2.0_ and are about current Homescreen in favor of Bug 1008013.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Mass Edit: adding the [rtl-meta]
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Whiteboard: [rtl-meta]
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