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Autocorrection makes it impossible to start messages "Yo, "


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99% of my text messages start with "Yo, "

This gets autocorrected to "To, " every time I add the comma
Keywords: feature
"yo" is in the dictionary, but "to" is the 6th most common word in the language.

One fix is to alter the dictionary to give "yo" a higher ranking.

Ideally, we'd do this with some kind of override dictionary that allows us, and our partners, to more easily tweak the Android wordlists for this kind of fine-tuning.

I should probably take this bug myself, but am not going to do it just yet.  Anyone with python chops who wants to modify gaia/dictionaries/ to read an override wordlist, should feel free to grab this and ask me to review.

Type "Yo" and then choose "Yo" from the suggestions list. It will add a space afterwards. Now hit the "?123" button and hit the Comma key. This will place the comma in the correct location and introduce a space after the comma.

Workaround #2:
Type "Yo," and then hit the backspace key. The autocorrect will undo and "Yo," will be shown.
Ideally it should learn what user types and if "yo" is more frequently used by user than "to" it should not be autocorrected.
This has actually been fixed, the backspace after the comma never used to revert the autocorrection as I expected, it now does

It would be nice to take into account frequency, but I suspect it already has its own bug
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This is a fundamental problem. I just ran into the same problem. I try to enter "Mt.", which is an abbr, e.g. for "Mount", but it gets autocorrected into "my" every time. This is highly annoying when you actually do want to type "Mt.".

The autocorrection is supposed to help, and must not get into the way, otherwise it fails its counterproductive.

There are many things that could and must stop this, but none do. *All* (not just one) of these must be in place to avoid annoying the user:

* There is no button on the virtual keyboard that I can tap to say "no, you (the computer) were wrong and I (the human user) was right, revert your 'correction'".
* If I manually delete last characters to correct the "autocorrection", and re-type, the code makes the same mistake again. When I do that, it *must* notice that what I typed is correct, and not only leave it alone, but save it for the next time, to never make that mistake again.
* Short terms (<5 characters) that end with a dot are likely to be abbr. Don't try to turn them into words, but leave them alone.
* I have no way to stop the autocorrection on that screen. (E.g. a "settings" button right on the keyboard, compare Android.) (Luckily, I can disable the autocorrection in system settings.)
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Summary: Autocorrection makes it impossible to start messages "Yo, " → Autocorrection is overzealous, makes it impossible to start messages "Yo, " and similar
Blocks: 944856
I've now filed bug 944856 about comment 5 above.
Closed: 7 years ago6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Summary: Autocorrection is overzealous, makes it impossible to start messages "Yo, " and similar → Autocorrection makes it impossible to start messages "Yo, "
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