Thumbnails getting reverted back to default



5 years ago
5 years ago


(Reporter: Jacob, Assigned: jbuck)





5 years ago
Not sure how to reproduce directly, but I definitely added a thumbnail to this new project

and later in the day it disappeared and went back to default popcorn maker logo for the thumb.

Later today I re-added it and it disappeared again.

Kat has also reported losing thumbnails for Brett's Detroit and Oprah Popcorn projects
This has happened a lot. We talked to Scott and JBuck about it at the workweek, but I can't remember what their thoughts were.
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5 years ago
Hm, maybe it's that someone is changing the thumbnail in the MakeAPI, and then the app doesn't load that new thumbnail when saving to the MakeAPI?
I think Jon is on the right track. Likely a combination of the app saving and the makeapi editor saving.

It only seems to happen when added from inside the makeapi editor, and not popcorn. We need to track down some strs.

Play around with changing the thumbnail on a project using the makeapi editor, then loading it again in popcorn maker and saving it.
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Reopen this if it's still happening. I have not heard about this in ages, so it might of been fixed.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
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