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Chatzilla inputHistory.txt and urls.txt should be optional


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(Reporter: pschmidt.gaz, Assigned: rginda)


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Steps to reproduce:

Just open any channel and use it normally. Currently on version

Actual results:

The activity history is always saved, the files inputHistory.txt and urls.txt are always created on the profile folder. They have to be manually removed. Also entries are kept for the channels used on the preferences menu which have to be manually deleted.

Expected results:

There should be an option somewhere either to leave it enabled, to delete them on leave (or keep in memory) or to not even hold any history anywhere.

Since they are protected by system permissions this is not that grave of an issue on most cases, but could be a problem, specially given that they are in plain text. Even if it was only on memory it could still be a temporary issue on some cases.
As pointed ou by Mardeg over the IRC channel, there is already

While a full private mode could be desirable, only more control over the history would be enough. Probably there currently is not even enough awareness concerning this issue for most users to worry about.

Actually, maybe the browser approach is sufficient where we can list the whole history and delete some parts if desired.

By the way, does the master password encript those files?
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