Updater fails on Aurora/Nightly if the system time is wrong

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5 years ago
I had a HTC One X+ that had the wrong system date/time set. When I started up Aurora or Nightly an update was not found. When I manually checked for an update no update was found. As soon as I set the correct date/time Aurora found the update and started downloading it.
That's interesting I guess, but a whole bunch of stuff can fail when the time is off by a lot. We should try to fix, though.
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Richard - Thoughts?
We could compute clock drift on the update server, or in the update response handler on the client -- after all, when the request is made we know the server and client clocks on both ends. Think of this as shitty NTP propagation :P

That would then let us fix the "I last updated at time X" assertion that I assume the updater sends (or checks locally).

That doesn't help us address Android alarm issues to do with incorrect clocks, but we can do things like always re-triggering the updater alarm when Fennec runs, so worst-case you don't get update checks until you launch the browser once, if your clock skews at runtime.

There's some code in the Product Announcements client to do sanity checking for timestamps, but it's probably not 100% applicable to this case.
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