[Email][l10n] Support detecting and localizing standard non-english folder names across multiple locales by building a multilingual database



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5 years ago
Goal: Support localizing all automatically named e-mail folders regardless of the origin locale.  This is the second of 2 clones of bug 893458 relating to the localization of e-mail folder names, created so the goal of the bug is very clear and people don't need to read through a lot of debate.  This is the "hard" bug.

In bug 905869 (the first bug, the "easy" bug) we rely on the server to tell us the type of folder explicitly or a hard-coded list of English strings to infer the type of a folder.  So if the server does not tell us the sent folder is a 'sent' folder, we infer it from its name being "Sent".  But this does us no good if the user's account was created in the pt-BR locale and is named 'Enviadas'.

Note that this impacts both localization and our behaviour!  We want to save copies of messages in the 'sent' folder.  If we don't realize the sent folder is called 'Enviadas', we are going to create a "Sent" folder and put stuff in it.  (As of writing this, the sent folder is our only magic folder that we actually use, but soon drafts will matter too, etc.)

The primary solutions are to:
- crowd-source a database
- build a database from our own gaia e-mail localizations
- build a database from Thunderbird's localizations
- use a pre-existing database.  For example, qt-labs's messagingframework has one at http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-labs/messagingframework/blobs/master/src/libraries/qmfclient/resources/translations.conf which andris9's inbox library has started to use. (presumably LGPL)

The major concern when building a database is to make sure we are doing the right thing in terms of licensing.  I have no idea what license our localizers localize under.  Since Gaia likes to be Apache 2 we need to make sure that we determine what license the data would fall under (especially if fair use applies or what not) and that it is appropriately labeled if it's not Apache 2.

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3 years ago
Note that browserbox now handles this for IMAP for us for sent/trash/junk/drafts.  The extra things like 'All Mail' are gmail-specific and will explicitly be indicated to us via the special-use flags.  As such, this bug might be entirely WORKSFORME, or maybe not.  Depends on the servers out there and the protocols in use.

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3 months ago
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