Fix "Build" nastiness - Run Tests "Set your values to run tests" should inform the user how to get build ID for the selected product.



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5 years ago
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5 years ago has many problems with regard to "build"

1. Field is labeled as "Build" but in Thunderbird the field name is "Application Build ID" located in Help | Troubleshooting

2. Mousever "build" indicates the field is optional. But in fact the field is required - leaving it blank gives an error of "You must specify a build to test."

3. click "build" and it offers no help - not where to find/get build ID nor the format.  

A fair guess is that the field is automatically populated for Firefox users, and so no one thought that users would need help in this area.  But non-firefox users, like Thunderbird do need help and correctness in the UI.

Comment 1

4 years ago
follow up to #qa IRC conversation ... I had forgotten I filed a bug report. 

#3, tThe issue of getting an accurate build ID is perhaps even more important today, because a some point moztrap stopped automatically populating it from Firefox. (or didn't carry that behavior from litmus)

Thus is good for non-Firefox users like Thunderbird, because they aren't going to give default bad data. But regardless of product, most average users won't know where to find the build ID.

Mousing over "build" should tell the user how to get the build ID for the selected product.   Or, it should be a subtext on the panel.  

Furthermore, "Build" here isn't accurate terminology.  
1. In Thunderbird in Help | troubleshooting is is labled as "Application Build ID"
2. In Firefox in Help | troubleshooting don't find build anywhere

I'll split the rest of comment 0 off into another bug.
Severity: major → normal
Summary: Build ID nastiness → Fix "Build" nastiness - Run Tests "Set your values to run tests" should inform the user how to get build ID for the selected product.
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