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When run individually a test should be marked as fail when there is an assert


(Testing :: Mochitest, defect)

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I encountered a case (bug 884332) where there was an assert in one test and running that one test locally seemed enough for the developer to be confident to push his patch. Unfortunately, the test was asserting but in the thousands of output lines that was not obvious and the test was not marked as fail.

It seems that to get the test to be marked as failed when asserting, it has to be run as part of a group (ie. directory), not individually. We should consider marking individually ran test as failing when asserting.
Blocks: 404077
This is probably just another symptom of bug 508664.
Yeah, this is really hard to do without bug 508664, since we want to catch even asserts that happen when loading or unloading a page.
Marked as depending on bug 508664 so we still keep track of that problem.
Depends on: 508664
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