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Login timeouts are far too short


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I'm fed up of logging into It seems that my session ends within a couple of hours of logging in. This is far too short. Please increase the timeout so people stay logged in for a day at least.
Can't say I've ever noticed this, across multiple machines, OSes and browsers. My logged-in status remains over multiple sessions even with closing and rebooting the machine.

sfaiaa this is highly unlikely to be a wiki.m.o issue as it would then apply to all users. Could you provide details of your OS and browser setup please. Also, do you have similar issues with sessions on other services?
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I run Windows 7 with Firefox Nightly builds but I saw the same on OSX too, this has been the case for the past few years. It's only wiki.m.o that does this for me
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Very odd then. MediaWiki uses the default PHP session handling iirc, meaning that the same value is used for all users on a given machine. I'm wondering whether there might be some Windows 7 "security/privacy feature" which destroys the session on the user's behalf as it isn't within wiki.m.o - hopefully someone else here may have some useful ideas.
Is this still an issue?
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OS: Windows 7 → All
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