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mozilla::LinkedList::debugAssertIsSane doesn't compile


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mozilla::LinkedList::debugAssertIsSane() has many compile errors.  Oops.

Patch in a moment.
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Hmm.  If this has to be called to be useful, it's probably not useful.  Could we do any of this checking at list-mutation time, to avoid the need to explicitly call this, somehow?  I dunno, this is obviously fine enough, but it's not a very satisfying solution.
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We could definitely call it sometimes.  I'm just a little wary of making debug builds slow for no reason.

I suppose we could call it whenever we do an O(n) operation.  Which is just Clear().  I guess that's not very good...  :)
I checked this in since it's an obvious step in the right direction.

I'm definitely not against running debugAssertIsSane at choice points during execution; the question is just: when?  Maybe it's a premature optimization not to do it every time we mutate the list.  Anyway, we can discuss elsewhere (or not; it's still useful for debugging to have this call).
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