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[Browser] It's not possible to move the cursor to the last character in the URL bar


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1.3 C3/1.4 S3(31jan)
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This is on 1.1 hamachi partner release from the beginning of August.

1. Go to a page with a long URL
2. Click the URL bar because you want to manually change the URL
3. Whole URL focuses, so click somewhere
4. Drag the cursor all the way to the right
5. Try to tap the address bar at the end so the cursor will be at the end of the URL bar
6. Impossible (OK not true, but hardly possible), either the cursor will be at lenght-1 or the Go bar will be pressed.

There should be some space between URL bar and Go button...
If we don't want to waste space in the URL bar, it sounds like this would be improved by a better text selection UI for all text boxes. Vivien, do you know if we have a bug filed for better cursor support?
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FF for Android doesn't have the problem because it has a seperate cursor.
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Keywords: productwanted
I find this bug super frustrating, so requesting blocking status. See also the section titled "cursor selection" at for more ranting about this behaviour.
blocking-b2g: --- → 1.3?
Please see bug 921964 for tracking cursor implementation.
It looks like that bug is targeted for 1.4+. How hard would it be to add a little padding at the end of the URL in the browser URL field as a temporary solution for 1.3?
Depends on: 921964
We are not going to hold the release for it  but it would be nice to fix for 1.3.
Ben, can we do a quick fix for 1.3?
blocking-b2g: 1.3? → -
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Yes, we can.

Small CSS fix, big usability improvement.
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I dont think this makes it any / much easier to get to the end of the url bar, the padding is still a fairly tiny screen space and event fluffing is likely going to interfere here, I think the only solution is a proper cursor UI

However it may be an improvement, particularly on larger screens and the change makes sense / shouldnt break anything
Attachment #8366794 - Flags: review?(dale) → review+
I spent quite a lot of time testing this on a Hamachi to make sure it made an improvement. I agree that the cursor implementation is the real fix for this, but I do think this patch has a noticeable improvement that would be worth getting into 1.3. It at least possible to get the cursor to the end of the text, which is otherwise very frustrating!

Merged into master
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[Approval Request Comment]
[User impact] if declined: Continued user complaints about not being able to focus the cursor at the end of the text in the URL bar, making URL entry difficult.
[Testing completed]: Extensive manual testing on a Hamachi device.
[Risk to taking this patch] (and alternatives if risky): Very low, just a small CSS change for a relatively big usability improvement.
[String changes made]: None.
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