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[B2G][Helix][sms][zhaotao]hyperlink with chinese characters in sms can not be opened


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Steps to reproduce:

1.use an android phone to send a sms contains hyperlink with chinese characters to ffos phone
2.tap the hyperlink in ffos phone

Actual results:

in step 2,the hyperlink can not be opened

Expected results:

the hyperlink should be opened successfully.
Component: General → Gaia::SMS
Priority: -- → P2
blocking-b2g: --- → hd?
Looping Gaia folks.
lecky, it would help a lot if you could provide us a sms db with this, as it's difficult for us european/american to do this.

You just need to "adb pull" the file /data/local/indexedDB/chrome/idb/226660312ssm.sqlite and the directory /data/local/indexedDB/chrome/idb/226660312ssm (the number in the file names might be different). Be careful as when you'll pull the directory it will actually put all the files in your current directory, so better create a new dir locally with that name, cd to that directory, and pull the directory from there.

Thanks !
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still need the sms db.
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hi,julien,sorry for the delay,

please check the attachment file.

the last two format with chinese characters can not be recognized.
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Attached file 226660312ssm.sqlite (obsolete) —
Attached file 226660312ssm.sqlite
Attachment #798396 - Attachment is obsolete: true
please check the attachment file,

the last three format with chinese characters can not be recognized.
I think the problem is that we use "\w" and this doesn't match extended characters.

I had another algorithm in which did match extended characters. Basically, instead of using "\w" I used "[^\s...]", but I'm afraid this can lead to too many false positives.

Are URL with chinese characters usually prefixed with "http:" so that we can be more strict for those ?

URL with chinese characters may prefixed with "http://", and may not.

It depends on the end user's using habit.

It will be prefered if both format can be supported.
Joe, can we add this to the backlog please ?
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add to backlog bug 891754
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hi,wayne,could you check the issue state for me?

add to backlog means will not fix in V1.1?
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Correct. Backlogged means for a future version yet to be decided. It will depend on the priority and our available resources.
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Priority: P2 → P3
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Hey Steve, Bryant,

As you know, we support all URLs that start with http://, but we only recognize URLs with ascii characters and some white-listed TLD when http:// is missing. Do you think it's good enough ? What other platforms are doing ? Is it usual that chinese people write URLs in messages without http:// ?

Thanks !
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I seldom(almost never) use the Chinese char in the URL actually, not to mention the URL with Chinese char and without http:// prefix. This kind of URL is valid and works on Android, but I'm not sure if it's an important use case for general user.
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Move to firefox project. Still, let me know if there are any UX emergency.
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Mass closing of Gaia::SMS bugs. End of an era :(
Closed: 7 years ago
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Mass closing of Gaia::SMS bugs. End of an era :(
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