Manual update attempt results in download error - zte open firmware V1.



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Steps to reproduce:

Selecting "check now" of Check for updates section

Actual results:

Get message "There was an error while downloading the updates

adb logcat report:
I/Gecko   (  113): *** AUS:SVC Checker:getUpdateURL - update URL:

but URL is bad, checking URL manually show tomcat HTTP Status 404

Expected results:

Get new updates or not get new updates report.

URL must be functional


4 years ago
OS: All → Gonk (Firefox OS)
Hardware: All → ARM
bug 908512 comment 17 has a logcat of the current situation.

It would seem the fix for bug 908512, which was to remove the XML file was probably not the best approach and that the following 2 things are probably what is really required:

1.  Deploy an XML file that would indicate that the current version is the latest available so that we properly determine that no update is currently available.

2.  Modify the code in the update process to treat a 404 error accessing the XML file to be treated as no update is available instead of displaying "There is an error while downloading the updates", so that if a vendor does this in the future, this problem does not recur.
Ever confirmed: true
Depends on: 908512
Summary: zte open firmware V1. → Manual update attempt results in download error - zte open firmware V1.
SO, I went to the ZTE website and downloaded what they claimed is the orgi
nal software for the device, loaded that onto my sdcard and did an update form the sdcard and it still says it is US_DEV_FFOS_V1.0.0B02  I am not at all sure this issue is still understood.
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