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create analytics users group and dashboard page


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This covers:

1. creating an analytics user group
2. tweaking the authentication code to allow new user accounts
3. adding whatever we need to add users to the analytics user group
4. adding an analytics dashboard page for future reports or altering the existing dashboard page such that it lists all the reports available or some third option
Whiteboard: u=user c=dashboard p= s=input.2013q4
Making this a P1. This should be the first thing done in 2013q4 since it blocks a lot of other things.
Priority: -- → P1
I need to update django-browserid first.
Depends on: 918022
Blocks: 722389
Assignee: nobody → willkg
Landed in master in

However it's not useful yet because I need to implement bug #935632 so people can create accounts.

As such, I'm just going to mark it FIXED for now. It'll get to stage and prod with other things.

Making this 3 points because it took 3 days to work through on account of crazy issues I bumped into with test-utils/south, django-browserid and a misconfiguration in Fjord regarding AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS. Ugh.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Whiteboard: u=user c=dashboard p= s=input.2013q4 → u=user c=dashboard p=3 s=input.2013q4
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