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[AccessFu] Rename pagetab and pagetablist to reflect string changes


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As usual, please don't change an existing string landed on m-c and maintain the old ID.

Changeset reference:
-pagetab        =       page tab
+pagetab        =       tab
-pagetablist    =       page tab list
+pagetablist    =       tab list
I wrote in bug 907125 comment #0 that this change was merely to reduce verbosity, not change the meaning. The problem is also that these role IDs must not be changed, or the logic to look them up in the outputgenerator fails: This change may, or may not, pertain to other locales, and does not mean a re-translation is necessary. The string was merely shortened to give blind users a less verbose speech experience. If blind users in other languages feel that any spoken role shold be shortened or is in any other way inappropriate, these should be treated as separate bugs.

Voting for closing this WONTFIX.
Sorry Marco, I missed the first comment and saw only the string change.

To be honest I'm not sure that's just a cosmetic change: for example the original string did not make much sense to me, while the new one does (at this point I guess I should have read it as "page's tab list").
It does not refer to the list of pages in tabs open in the browser at the moment, but rather to a container of tabs, which just group tabs together on a page. So no browser tabs, know....other tabs. Some details of the web techniques can be found here:

And a demo can be seen here:

I know this is a mess of terms, browser tabs vs. other tabs, but this is what we've all gotten ourselves into I guess. ;-)
So, it doesn't refer to browser's tabs but to a navigation system inside the page.

At this point my 0.02€ go to change the ID and a localization comment in the process. Would that be a problem from a technical point of view?
Yes, there would be a problem. The ID MUST NOT be changed, or the programmatic lookup when speaking the roles will break. The change in bug 907125 really was just a shortening of terms. Originally, these strings were introduced by Microsoft for Windows in the 90s, and originally these tabs were called page tabs. Later, they were shortened to just "tabs". So tab and page tab are really synonymous, the one is just shorter.
At this point I guess this really is a WONTFIX, and you'll need to be extra careful when landing these strings. Mind sending a message to dev-l10n about this change? If you prefer I could do it.
Would you do it? You can quote me from this bug all you want. :) I am not a member of that mailing list. If we ever make more changes to any of those role strings whose IDs must not be changed, I'll notify you. And for all other strings, we'll make sure to rename the IDs if we make changes.
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