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5 years ago
I was spelunking through an old postmortem from the 3.6.4 crash spike ( and came across a bug we filed at the time:

At that stage, we didn't have significant duplicate reports.

Later, chofmann asked us to add duplicate detection, in

At that time, we did have many duplicates, as we do today.

Something changed between 2010/06/11 and 2011/01/26 that introduced duplicate submissions.  It was a bit before the last date, because I know we discussed the problem at a couple of meetings before the bugs got filed.

The time at which the duplicate submissions began was when Socorro ran in the old datacenter, without managed config, and has continued through today, when most of the code and infrastructure is completely different.

I'd be interested in looking at changes made to breakpad and related code in that window, to see if we could isolate (and ideally fix!) the issue.
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