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I believe most of the attribution/credits awesomeness from this tree can be ported to butter with just a few changes.

Add these 2 files to butter (not there now):
?? public/resources/icons/flickr-black.png
?? public/src/layouts/attribution.html

Copy this file to butter
public/css/embed.less    # needs some verification/checking that additional rule changes are OK or cherry pick instead

Update this file:
per this patch: 

Copy this file to butter:

There's some additional changes to my butter tree, but it has the changes above and shows it working pretty nicely!  8-)
Thanks for this, Tracey.  I've CC'ed Matt and Scott, our Popcorn Maker leads, who can help shepherd this stuff into the tree.
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5 years ago
Being unaware of the current protocol—

I believe the endgame is for to properly parse and attribute media from Particularly the TV Archive.

Brett is supportive of this in the conversations we've had.

Why do we need to backport to Butter? Wouldn't it be easier to work on the canonical repo?

The canonical (mozilla/ repo unfortunately is not very friendly to people to use for themselves. When we were working on the new we were fully aware of the fact that we would need to add a lot of things that were specific to's needs and wouldn't be useful at all to people who tried to use Popcorn Maker for themselves for various use cases.

1) We force S3 usage for saving projects and image uploading. If you don't have S3 credentials, it won't function.
2) MakeAPI. While obviously the idea of more people sending their projects to the MakeAPI is part of the overall end goal, there is no way to turn it off.
3) Webmaker accounts. You are required to have a webmaker account to save projects.

I think being able to distinguish Archive video's in attribution is a good idea, but people like Archive probably don't want to use the canonical repo for their work which is why we need to backport the feature to mozilla/butter.

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5 years ago
Thanks for explaining. But in this case, we are actually trying to implement this functionality on the actual, Mozilla installation.

For #1, we can always get Tracey some credentials to help with the development process. Should I ask JP?

Anyway, I would recommend closing this bug and focus on landing this on—does that make sense to you guys? (Not sure, but want to make sure everyone's in the same loop).
If the goal is to have it on Webmakers PM install as well then that's cool. We should file a new bug and it can be assigned to me.

We will keep this one open however so that we can still back port this to the old butter repo.

As far as getting Tracey S3 creds, I don't know what the process is behind that. I would speak with some combo of JP and Jbuck. AddiNg Jbuck as a CC.
Amazon S3 does have a free tier of service available for a year when you sign up for AWS. Another option would be to run FakeS3 locally. Running the free tier is probably the easiest though!

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5 years ago
we have an S3 implementation at (totally free ;-) so we could use that.

I'm with Ben -- if possible, we'd ideally like this available in the canonical site! 8-)

I could try to get the head of it running at and hook in our S3 interface (sounds like that's required) and could confirm we'd have the attribution stuff working?

(Might have one minor request to allow a raw media from a parsed url (eg: our full "details" page auto parsing to a "raw" .mp4) to "map" in the Credits to the "details" page and not the raw .mp4, as a link, but I could see..)


5 years ago
Depends on: 913877
We are moving towards making our repo at mozilla/ forkable like our old mozilla/butter was for everyone. For that reason I'm going to won't fix this :)
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5 years ago
makes sense, thanks, matt!
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