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Text selection: Double tapping on a word should select it.


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(Reporter: swilkes, Assigned: janjongboom)



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See the recommendation on page 20 of the attached spec.
Blocks: 1.3-keyboard
Blocks: 924419
Assignee: nobody → janjongboom
Depends on: 921964
Stephany, double tapping interferes with double tap to zoom in / out on certain areas of the web page. Are we sure we want to use this gesture?
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Wait a moment, please. Text selection is not in scope for 1.3, and the Keyboard specs were updated extensively over the course of 1.3, with Bruce's team. This work should NOT be in progress right now. What is going on, please?
Not much, I was just going through relevant bugs because I have the selection bugs on my name.
Got it. Please work with Carrie Wang, who is UX on Keyboard and will be working off of Bruce Huang's Keyboard backlog for 1.4. In the meantime, I'll flag Bruce to see if this will make it into the 1.4 backlog.
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If we have cursor movement in scope for 1.4 I think we should add this as well, as it's trivial.
Flagging Carrie in.  We should consider it as part of text selection, not cursor movement, correct?  Depending on how much work it is, however, I would prioritize it lower than other work such as text selection on non-editable text.
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Yes, but they're very much correlated.
Yes, the double-tap behavior will definitely conflict with zoom in/out. 
We're currently working on the spec and we'd suggest applying long-press to select words.
In addition, agree with Bruce, this should be a part of text selection not cursor movement.

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No longer blocks: 921965
We are now using bug 921965 for tracking the text selection implementation in v2.0. Close this as duplicated bug. The new US specification is also in the bug 921965.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 921965
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