Switching between active Firefox window to other spaces and back via the dock causes odd shadows on the Firefox window




5 years ago
5 years ago


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Mac OS X

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(firefox23 affected, firefox24 affected, firefox25 affected, firefox26 affected)



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Someone lacerated the shadow. (Screenshot of the issue)


OS X 10.8

Latest UX (26.0a1 (2013-08-22))

Single Firefox window with enough tabs to overflow the tabstrip on the first Space.

Total of 10 windows open on first space. 5 Xcode, 1 App Store, 2 Instantbird, 1 Textedit, and 1 Firefox window.

Firefox window *not* maximized, but on top of the Xcode windows.

Three terminal windows on Space 2.

Steps to Reproduce:

With the Firefox window focused (!!!But nothing in the Firefox window focused, for example text fields!!!), switch to the second space by clicking on the Terminal icon in the dock. You should switch over and now have focus of some terminal window.

Switch back to Firefox in the first space by clicking on the UX icon in the dock.


By now Fx's window shadow should be partly removed. In my experience this happened on the left side.

Repeating the steps seems to always change the position of the shadow, but by varying amounts.

See attached screenshot for what the outcome should look like.
Created attachment 794404 [details]
Minor issue on Nightly.

On Firefox Nightly the issue is minor (see top-left of the window of the window attached)
status-firefox25: --- → affected
status-firefox26: --- → affected
Aurora had the same outcome as Nightly.
status-firefox24: --- → affected
So it looks like the issue has been here for awhile, just not noticeable. Something in UX clearly aggravated this, though what specifically is unknown...
status-firefox23: --- → verified disabled
status-firefox23: verified disabled → affected
Another clue here is that the shadow appears to still be curved. That leads me to believe that this isn't a rendering issue (which would probably just chop of the shadow), but that the value for the width/height of the window is not being given correctly when it goes to re-render.
Probably related to bug 780726.
See Also: → bug 780726
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