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Add mach command to run remote mochitests


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We need to modify the existing mochitest to be capable of running b2g mochitests.
I think conditions that depend on mozbuild in any way should be stored alongside MachCommandBase. Gps, if you are hesitant to take this (or something like this), I'll probably just store the conditions inside the files for now and file a bug to figure this out later.
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Adds ability to run remote mochitests.
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Patch 2.0 - refactor

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::: testing/mochitest/
@@ +68,5 @@
> +        options.b2gPath = b2g_home
> +        options.consoleLevel = 'INFO'
> +        options.logcat_dir = self.mochitest_dir
> +        options.httpdPath = self.mochitest_dir
> +        options.xrePath = os.path.join(b2g_home, 'gaia', 'xulrunner-sdk', 'bin')

This is going to suffer the same problem as bug 908698; maybe we should add logic to look for any xulrunner-sdk* directory under gaia?   The best way to get this would be to get the value of XULRUNNER_DIRECTORY from gaia's make file, but I think that's more-or-less impossible in this context.

@@ +322,5 @@
> +    func = deviceport(func)
> +
> +    deviceip= CommandArgument('--deviceIP', default=None,
> +        help='ip address of remote device to test')
> +    func = deviceip(func)

deviceIP and devicePort are currently unused (they're designed to be used with SUTAgent), so I think we can omit them here, for the sake of reducing potential confusion.
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Patch 1.0 - Add a class to store common conditions in mozbuild

Review of attachment 794854 [details] [diff] [review]:

I like where this is going!
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Going to flag interdiff for review as I ended up doing some light refactoring in addition to the review comments.

In this patch, I defer finding of the xre_path to the bootstrap script which will pass it in via context. I also added a condition to the command so it will only be runnable if an emulator is configured (I'll file a bug to make it work with all devices).
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Patch 2.1 - fix nits, minor refactor

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Looks good.  Is the reason we're currently requiring an emulator simply because the device path doesn't work correctly?
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(In reply to Jonathan Griffin (:jgriffin) from comment #6)
> Looks good.  Is the reason we're currently requiring an emulator simply
> because the device path doesn't work correctly?

Yeah, right now --emulator arm will just always get added. The reason I went this route is because I'm pushing really hard to get *something* landed before I leave for PTO. Supporting all devices and the testing that goes with it would make this bigger than a two day job.

Though if you wanted to try and get all devices working before the Oslo work week, the patch should be as simple as passing 'device_name' through to the run_b2g_test method and making sure a proper command line is formulated if device_name != 'emulator'.
Duplicate of this bug: 910080
Rolled all three patches into one since they depend on each other:
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