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SimpleTest for Workers


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Now that we are starting to develop features and modules for workers, we need a simple testing mechanism for workers, preferably one with a feature set comparable to SimpleTest.
Would be interesting to see if we could make testharness.js easy to use in workers
Yeah, we shouldn't be inventing new javascript test harnesses. If extensions to testharness.js to make it easier to use in workers are required we should add those.

Note also that web-platform-tests already has some worker tests [1]

The worker tests I've written that use testharness are basically a bad way to write tests, since the harness doesn't have native support. I recall discussing this with jgraham for possible implementation strategies but don't remember the details.
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The multi-global WPT mechanism I think now accomplishes most of what we'd want in worker contexts, and it's possible to use for Mozilla-only tests. And for many service-based affordances, I think testing would normally happen from the main thread with the use of workers being an implementation detail.

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