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Figure out permission weirdness in Bug 870676 test


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We needed to set 'needParentPermission' to true in order to get test_fmradio.html to pass with the patches from bug 870676.  It's not clear what this does or why it's necessary.  We should dive in and figure out if this is a bug with the permissions checking.
The implemented testing framework differs slightly from my comment in bug 815105#c16 . I don't recall the exact reason for not creating an actual app iframe, maybe because the test directly modifies permissions. In this case, the tests would  fail for APIs that check APP_TYPE.

The VM frame hierarchy should be as follows
- test-container app (which should have all permissions similar to shell.js)
-- mochi.test iframe (test_* and file_framework.js are loaded into this iframe)
--- remote iframe (iframe created during tests)

needParentPermission injects the permission in to the mochi.test iframe.

This is the relevant code / callpath for AppProcessChecker [1]

I'll debug the call and see what is being passed to the check. The only thing I can think of is that the call at
34   nsCOMPtr<mozIApplication> app = tab->GetOwnOrContainingApp();

isn't returning what I expect.

[1] -
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