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OdinMonkey: unify GenerateEntry


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The ARM and x86/x64 GenerateEntry functions are basically the same.  (Along the same lines it'd be nice to unify the FFI paths too but that is for a future patch.)
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This patch changes the x86/x64 entry to take a 'globalData' argument, like ARM does.
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Unify them.  I'm pretty sure StackDecrementForCall is doing the same calculation but I'd certainly appreciate a double check.
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While I was in the area...
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Cool to finally see this getting factored out!
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Actually, Marty wrote these, so I should give him the reviews.
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::: js/src/jit/AsmJS.cpp
@@ +5256,5 @@
>  #endif
> +    // ARM and x64 have a globally-pinned HeapReg (x86 uses immediates in
> +    // effective addresses).
> +#if defined(JS_CPU_X64) or defined(JS_CPU_ARM)

I am not a huge fan of c++'s English replacements for C operators.
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