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Start in private mode by default


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I think it would be relatively easy to add an intent/shortcut to allow Firefox starting right in private mode, instead of requiring us to start the app and only then switch to that mode. If Firefox is already running, e.g. with regular tabs, then the shortcut would simply open a new private tab. This would allow users like me to use private browsing by default.

It is worth considering though, that when we click links from another apps, for example Gmail, and they show us the apps which can handle it, we should see Firefox listed twice, once for each mode. If it will not be possible for both normal and private modes to show up in those dialogs, then I think we're better off with a new option in about:config that uses private mode always, either from links in other apps or when Firefox is started manually.
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I wonder if we can create a semi-hidden way to do something like this? r.e. If you "Add to homescreen" on about:home while you're in private mode, we could create a shortcut that launches about:home in private mode? Invert the shortcut colors to indicate that its special? Add a little "(Private)" tag after the name to indicate that its in private mode?

Should we allow doing this with any page?
I was also thinking to this idea. Adding a new entry in the prompt from the OS should be quite straight forward by creating a "sister app" (I don't actually know how this is called but it's one app on the market but it can display two icons and so on...) called for example 'Firefox (private mode)'.

This is I think the best way to go on android as it will enable user to choose (every time or just once) they open a link from an another app which is on android a very common situation.
Marking as P5. But I'm inclined to won't fix this. @Barbara: Is this something we are interested in developing? Otherwise I'll close.
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We've had several users ask for this, also aligns nicely with our manifest/mission.

What's the difference between P3, P4, P5?
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(In reply to Barbara Bermes [:barbara] from comment #4)
> We've had several users ask for this, also aligns nicely with our
> manifest/mission.
> What's the difference between P3, P4, P5?

* P3: Backlog
* P5: Will not fix, but will accept a patch
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Thanks let's mark it as P3.
Priority: P5 → P3
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