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nsIAppStartup should be able to tell whether the app was restarted


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It would be great if nsIAppStartup had a 'wasRestarted' flag that we could use to tell whether the current startup is the one following a restart.

TimeStamp has its own implementation. SessionStore does something similar (it sets a pref that is reset on next startup) to resume the session automatically.
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Sorry, not sure who to ask for feedback.
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add nsIAppStartup.wasRestarted

I think the IDL comment needs to be more specific: that this is a restart initiated via the eRestart flag. It isn't for "the user shut down the app and restarted it" ;-)

Do we have any tests for this mess?
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This patch clarifies comments in the IDL file and also adds a 'willRestart' attribute. That turned out to be a helpful addition to 'shuttingDown' especially for SessionStore.

Unfortunately I don't think that there's a way to test this stuff. I couldn't find any tests calling nsIAppStartup.quit() and I don't think any of our test suites supports that.

We could maybe ask the MozMill folks and check if they would like to write a test in a follow-up?
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Wow, just as I wanted to land this I saw some UUID conflict caused by bug 882142. Turns out that .restarting is now implemented already.
Depends on: 882142
Landed without the .willRestart attribute:
It seems that the nsIAppStartup service isn't available that early in the startup phase when we would set sProcessCreation in xpcom/ds/TimeStamp.cpp.

The environment variable would be available immediately, and unset after reading it once. Looks like we'll have to introduce a second env variable and leave the TimeStamp code untouched.
Same patch without only minimal TimeStamp.cpp changes.
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