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Gaia unit tests badly broken in TBPL: "assert is undefined"


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The gaia-unit tests have been not running in TBPL for a few days due to bug 908698.  That's been fixed, and now we see that over 500 tests are failing with the error:

"assert is undefined"

full log:
Mmm this is all in the unit tests for the System app.

Etienne, you may have an idea ?
Component: Gaia → Gaia::System
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Assignee: nobody → etienne
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How is tbpl running the tests?
Are we running the unit test and the marionette tests at the same time?

We have some JS-error related to a marionette test (test/marionette/notification_test.js) in the middle of running unit tests...

Since those integration tests have been added recently it might be related.

Can we make sure we don't try to run the integration/marionette tests while doing the unit test harness?
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Ah, it's unfortunately we can't distinguish unit and integration tests except by directory name.  I'll update the testrunner.
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Somebody feels confident reviewing this?
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In the past, :aki and :mdas reviewed this file.

I don't know enough python to review this for sure. Maybe :rik can give it a stab though ?
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It looks like the correct fix. I just have a small suggestion in the PR.
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Looks like this is taken care of?
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Assignee: etienne → jgriffin
Closed: 8 years ago
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