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I got an e-mail this morning from wikimo stating my account on wikimo had been demoted to a basis user, which surprised me, as I'm still very much around. ;)

Looks like AlisonW went through the bureaucrat/administrator list and removed a bunch of people earlier today. I don't mind if she wants to remove people (there were a ton of privileged users before), but probably best to at least e-mail us and ask if we're still around.

Anyway, solarce asked me to file this so that somebody could follow-up about it, so just doing so.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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5 years ago
basic* user, that is.
As part of going through the entire userlist to remove yet more spam users I've found a number of users who have not edited in many years. As such although they are being given the 'confirm' flag to enable future editing their userpage confirmation box has been set with the date of their last activity for reference.

This then led me to check on everyone with the sysop (aka admin) and bureaucrat flags, and quite a few of these userids were also inactive. Given that the functionality represented in these statuses can be dangerous (and unrecoverable) if misused it seemed a sensible step to *temporarily* remove the status flags for users who had not been active for some time (in some cases many years).

Admin flags removed are at and Bureaucrat flags at and these pages are linked from any accounts so changed.

At the top of each of these pages is information about why this has happened, eg. "These users were previously authorised with Bureaucrat status, but which has been removed because of their inactivity. Such status will usually be reinstated on request"

I chose not to email people as, taking the most negative view, it is possible that some of the people who have been gone years do not now control the listed email account and thus there is an implicit danger in contacting an historical email address.

Separately ... there is little 'special' about the sysop and bureaucrat flags: they are basically there for administrative / maintenance functions which, from my inspection, few of the people with those flags actually _do_. I therefore - at some future time - will post a bug for comments on removing the bureaucrat flag from the people who don't actively need it.
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