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Please switch the dev-tech-nspr mailing list to something with a RELIABLE archive.

The current setup with list-to-newsgroup-to-giganews-to-google archiving is failing.
We repeatedly miss emails in the public archive for various reasons, most often because the archive didn't accept the message for whatever reason.

This setup is broken and apparently nobody has been able to find a fix.

I propose to start archiving the newsgroup locally in mailman.

I wish Mozilla had an archive of past messages. If you do, then please make it available.

As an example, an announcement with changelog for NSPR version 4.10 had been sent by Wan-Teh on May 29, but it doesn't show up at the current archive:!forum/

If the above means that newsgroup gateway functionality must be disabled, I'd suggest that's acceptable. If Mozilla can offer a mailman based archive of the list, that IMHO should be sufficient.
I've opened bug 912076 to figure out what happened to the message in question, which is important regardless of what happens here.

If the NSPR module owners agree, you have the option of simply setting up a new mailing list - would be the expected name, to match firefox-dev. It may be possible to migrate mailing list subscribers automatically but you would need to get people reading via newsgroups or Google Groups to subscribe themselves. And there would not be archive continuity.

I don't believe it's possible to disable parts of the current combined solution on a per-group basis.

It's technically possible to enable the local archives on the mailman server for the list.  It's not the best interface, but it's likely slightly more reliable.
This is not something I can fix. Comment 2 suggests a way forward; if that is desirable, you need to forward to Infrastructure & Operations :: MOC: Service Requests.

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