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* GOAL: clearly capture our narrative arc from now to end of the year. At a high level that colleagues can easily understand.

* DELIVERABLES: Two key pieces:

1) A high-level STORY PAGE.
Let's create this in Thimble.

Capturing the story with:
a) Chris's narrative arc graphic, +
b) supporting headlines and copy. Crisp 140-character descriptions of what's what. Plus links through to CTAs, etc.

2) A DETAIL page.
A spreadhseet with operational detail and nitty gritty. 
Listing assets, channel strategy, etc.
* Let's draft the headlines and supporting copy here:

* Then create a Thimble page for the finished product. 
Chris: maybe you and I can tackle that part of it together? 
Building off my hacky prototype:

* And including your graphic

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5 years ago
Hey guys,

I updated the pad with more content to make another draft of the graphic.

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5 years ago
Created attachment 803063 [details]

Hey guys,

Here's the updated graphic with the fresh copy.
Let me know if you need and crops for specific displays.

@ Erika D: let me know when you want me to turn this into a Thimble page?

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5 years ago
We should get Sackin's eyes on this first. Chris, have you / will you send this to her?

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5 years ago
Will do!
* Need to get Sackin's approval so that we can publish this. As per discussion in today's Comms Call.
Assignee: nobody → erica

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5 years ago
Comment on attachment 803063 [details]

Hey guys -- overall this looks good. 

Let's take out the 2.0 after webmaker --- we want it to be more iterative than that. 

Also -- the main message for Webmaker (and MozFest) is share your skills, teach people, learn something real.
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5 years ago
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comms arc 1.2

Hey all,

I've updated the comms arc graphic, removing 2.0 after Webmaker, and changing the main message to: "Share your skills, teach people, learn something real."

Let me know if that works.

There's also the language pasted below -- let me know if some version of that would be better suited to capture what you want to convey here.

Thanks guys!

Webmaker is Mozilla's project to teach the world web skills. It has three main components: 

    1)  Our site,, which is home to the tools Thimble, Popcorn  Maker and X-Ray Goggles. Since its redesign in June, has  become a vibrant hub of user-generated content, where  more than 30,000  people have signed up to make and remix web pages and dynamic videos.

    2) Our Mentor team, which builds networks of people all over the world who teach others, share their skills and learn from each other.

    3)  Maker Party, one of Mozilla's biggest annual engagement campaigns,  which uses volunteer-hosted events to teach digital literacy to people  around the world. This year, Maker Parties held in 330 cities resulted  in more than 50,000 Makes on

Attend a Webmaker session at the Summit to contribute to this growing project.
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