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Extend testBookmarkKeyword to check for search term


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Bug 908344 introduced testBookmarkKeyword, which adds a bookmark with a keyword to the DB, then checks to make sure entering that keyword in the urlbar opens the correct page. We should expand this to also have bookmarks keyword with a "%s" parameter in it, to test that we correctly load the right search url.
Hi my partner and I were interested in fixing this bug. Can we get assigned to it?
(In reply to Erica Hansen from comment #1)
> Hi my partner and I were interested in fixing this bug. Can we get assigned
> to it?

Hi Erica! Sure, I can help you work on this bug. However, I noticed that you also expressed interest in working on bug 825399, and we usually recommend that new contributors just focus on one bug at a time.

First things first, though - do you have a build environment set up? You'll want to follow the directions here to get that set up:

For this bug in particular, you'll need to be able to run robocop tests locally, which you can read about here:

You should also refer to our "Get Involved" page for more information about getting started contributing to Firefox for Android:

Feel free to join us in #mobile on to ask questions!
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Hey Margaret,

Was there still an issue with this bug? We had a brief conversation in #mobile about me taking on this bug and there was some sort of issue (I admittedly forget what the problem was, but it was related to another bug).

If there is still an issue, I'd gladly take on 904217 instead. Again, this was mentioned in #mobile.

If there aren't any issues, I'll start this one. I already have Firefox and Fennec built successfully and can run the Robocop tests locally.

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This issue is that testBookmarkKeyword is currently disabled because of bug 915350.

So, yes, let's not work on this bug until that issue is resolved.
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Depends on: 915350
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Mentor: margaret.leibovic
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Can I work on this? Do I just have to make a new keyword variable with "%s" added in it and update the bookmark with it? Sorry if I did not understand what needs to be done. :) I'm kinda new.
Oh, I also have my build environment set and I also know how to run robocop tests locally.
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