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I'll be switching over the homepage of Webmaker this Thursday with a new feature lineup, with blog post coming out Monday. Was delayed due to hauling ass for Webmaker/Think Big Campus Party prep - but this (and Chris Lawrence) also gave me the idea for a great theme...
Back to School! i.e.: Makes focused on being at school and the types of teaching that make learning fun. Think decorated lockers, Sixteen Candles, teaching kits, how-to hacks and makes that are both educational and fun.

Makes are now being finalized in the spreadsheet at http://bit.ly/14iWnKH and I would *love* to get your advice (especially from mentor/teach folk) on others that you'd like to be featured/highlighted under this theme.

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4 years ago
Hey Kat - I did a search for "School" dug up some decent ones for ya (added to spreadsheet as well)

Hope it helps!

Teens Talk to the Mayor: Improving NYC Schools

Back to school - Henry Rollins

Back to school project

School demonstration (featuring the Muppets)

Back to school 2013

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4 years ago
Thx Jacob!

Also, update: the 3 winners of the 1st Battle of Mixes to be featured also. finalising here: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/hashbattle

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4 years ago
All 12 feature makes finalised and now live on Webmaker.org - let me know if you'd like to see anything changed! Note that this week's installment (full metadata here http://bit.ly/14iWnKH ) includes the 3 winners of the first Battle of the Mixes: MotionPicture Edition. 

After I hear your feedback, "Webmaker's Hottest Issue 4" blog post to be published Mon or Tues.

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4 years ago
I like!

Two comments:

1) While the Ben Stein thumbnail is classic and sets the tone of back to school, the make isn't particularly good. It basically just has popups with names of people that only the maker knows. I think it would confuse the average person who clicked on it to see what our site is about, as opposed to maybe something else that is a bit more creative.

I don't feel too strongly about this, it's probably fine, but wanted to write it as something I noticed

2) I think it would be okay to rename the title of "Remix of Remix of Harlem Shake: Obama Edition" to just "Harlem Shake: Obama Edition"

I think these "remix of remix" titles are a symptom of a bigger problem, which is that you can't edit your own make from anywhere except My Makes. So after you watch your own make, you can't go into the details page and edit it. So therefore people are remixing their own makes and ending up with multiple versions of the same make that become "remix of remix"

I identified four additional places where you should have a pencil icon to edit your own make in bug #887504
* Hey Kat. What's the deadline for me getting some teaching kit stuff to you?
We can include this to start:
@ Kat: is there anything else currently on 
that you think would fit with what you've got?

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4 years ago
@Matt, sure, happy to add another (I have 2 teaching kits on there now, plus the 3 winners of battle of mixes, which leaves 7 more slots open - happy to make one of those be another explicit teaching kit) 

Maybe this one? https://nwp.makes.org/thimble/coding-with-the-new-york-times

Or is there another you think would be better for the theme?
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Great choice Kat. Yeah let's do that one
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4 years ago
Cheers guys, thanks for input. Have shuffled things around based on your feedback so that:

* Lockers + Bill Nye the Science Guy are big features instead of Bueller clip (re Jacob)
* There are more Teaching Kits, with NYTimes one in top 3 (re Matt)

Putting together blog post + sending messages to makers today. Thanks!

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Edit: Fancy screenshot now attached (Rebeccah, plz feel free to use on things!)

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Webmaker's Hottest: Back to School screenshot

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4 years ago
Final update: blog post published after checking in with ErikaD. URL here! http://mzl.la/13AQuWT
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