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Send Page needs to be disabled for pages with post data


(SeaMonkey :: MailNews: Message Display, defect)

Windows NT
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(Reporter: vidur, Assigned: bugzilla)


(Whiteboard: PDT+ fix in 91341)

Send Page, when invoked for a page with post data (generally not cached),
results in a HTTP GET request. The fix for this is being discussed in bug 40867.
In lieu of the complete fix, we may need to disable send page for pages with
post data on the branch.
Depends on: 40867
No longer depends on: 40867
We'll take this, we need something immediately. Please get the patch & reviews
and checkin ASAP.
Whiteboard: PDT+
-> Blake
-> blake
Assignee: chofmann → blake
How is blake to test the patch ? We need to know a page where this happens. Is 
this only for pages with post data that cannot be cached (are there any common 
examples of that)?
cc: putterman as a fyi as this has to do with send page.

vishy - I'm not sure of a page on how to test this other than a confirmation
page which comes up after a transaction.  Can you email the web platform folks
in Clayton's group?  They may have an idea.

esther - will need to release note this.
The fix for this is in bug 91341; there, I also gave a good page to test on.
Whiteboard: PDT+ → PDT+ fix in 91341
cc'ing scott
fix is in.
Closed: 23 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Using the attachment in bug 91341 to submit, Send Page is disabled on the
resulting data page.
OK using july19 commercial 0.9.2 branch builds: win98, linux rh6.2 and mac OS 9.0
Since this is branch only, temporary fix to disable in lieu of "real" fix for
the underlying problem, I'm going to mark this verified.  Added this bug number
to release note tracking bug 90577
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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