If I scroll down the e-mail-list on my windows 8 touch-laptop by using the touchscreen, I can't scroll down until I release my finger but only until the e-mail-list ends.



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Steps to reproduce:

On x64-Windows-8 (but most properly on all versions), you have to scroll up (so your finger moves down) the e-mail-list of Thunderbird with the finger (so using your touch-screen). Scroll down until your finger enters the e-mail-window of 

Actual results:

As soon as my finger leaves the e-mail-list and enters the selected-e-mail-windows below (without releasing the finger), the e-mail-list doesn't scroll down any longer but the displayed e-mail starts to scroll.

Expected results:

In all Microsoft programs (and they made windows, so it is most properly the wanted behavior), you always scroll the windows your finger was in when it touched the display, and the window continues to scroll until you release your finger, even if your move your finger into another window.


6 years ago
Severity: normal → enhancement
OS: Windows NT → Windows 8
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