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Provide more info to help with installing Python


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As we up our Python build requirements and start requiring more modern Python releases, it's apparent that not all operating systems and distros are shipping a Python as modern as we would like. I think the boostrapper should gain the ability to install Python from source.

A rational concern here is "we don't want the bootstrapper to turn into a package manager." I agree. Fortunately, many people have had this problem and solutions exist. I propose we should hook up or to the boostrapper. AFAIK both of these solutions are generic and work on multiple operating systems and distros.

We established ~/.mozbuild (or whatever path is in $MOZBUILD_STATE_PATH) as reserved for global Firefox build system state. I propose we install a custom built Python there (if needed) and ensure it's /bin is on $PATH.
After thinking about this for a bit, I think being lazy is the best
course of action for the moment. Someone (likely me) could spend a
significant amount of effort writing code to install Python via pyenv,
etc. Or, we could just tell the user what to do. I'm inclined to do the
latter because I don't think many people will run into older, outdated
Pythons. Those who do will likely be on Linux (as opposed to OS X or
Windows) and thus will likely have neckbeards and can figure out how to
install Python through one of the linked tools.
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Provide more info to help with installing Python

Hooray for simplicity :)
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Summary: Bootstrapper support for installing Python from source → Provide more info to help with installing Python
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