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Only show search engine selection if more than one search engine defined


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We need to only display the search engine selection UI in browser settings if more than one search engine was specified at build time, and only specify one search engine by default so this is opt-in.
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Back to one search engine by default :(

This will conflict with bug 908927 so one of them will need to be rebased depending on which one lands first.
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The other bug is ready to land, so figure its most convenient to do the follow up request for integrations tests here

A test to ensure we only show the selection screen with more than one search engine, and a test to attempt a simple search I think its pretty perfect, will clean r? for now
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It sounds like from Product's perspective we can't ship 1.2 without this. Sadly.
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I've rebased the pull request but struggling a bit with the integration tests, commented out for now. Will have another go on Monday.
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OK, I've added an integration test to ensure that the search engine choices are not displayed with the default (only one search engine) configuration which is all we really care about for 1.2 as this feature can't be used.

I have spent multiple days trying and failing to write tests that swap out the configuration file to create different configurations at "build" time and test the different cases.

If we need more integration tests before landing this koi+ blocker then we either need to wait until next week when I can learn more about Marionette and Node file management face to face at the work week in San Francisco, or I'm going to need some help from someone who knows these things better than me.
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The initial tests needed should be as this is, a fairly high level smoke test that makes sure everything doesnt get completely broken easily, this looks perfect, cheers
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