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When a new SIM card is used, Gaia updates the APN parameters by choosing the first APN set that matches the MCC/MCC values of the SIM card — without warning the user, unfortunately.

 • display a “New SIM card” panel when a new SIM card is detected, allowing the user to select the proper network if several APN sets match the new MCC/MNC (that’s what Android does);
 • make sure APN settings are not updated when the SIM card fakes new MCC/MNC (see bug 860411), e.g. by freezing these settings when an STK_CMD_REFRESH command is fired;
 • make sure this panel is properly displayed when the SIM card is physically changed, and the APN settings are updated accordingly.

Jose, Fernando, would you have a look at this please? I’m afraid we might suffer from regressions caused by bug 860411 and bug 898409, and implementing a proper “New SIM card” panel should be an opportunity to clarify the code regarding these SIM switches.

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4 years ago
Depends on: 860411
Flags: needinfo?(frsela)

It depends how new SIM card is detected. If detection is based in MCC/MNC the Roaming Broker app will fire the "New SIM card" panel, which is what we want to avoid.

But, if the detection is done using the ICCID (Smartcard unique ID) I think we can manage both cases with any collateral effect ;)


BTW, we can work on this as a gecko webapi to be used also in STK app to reset the cache ( only if the SIM card is changed avoiding another related bugs.
Flags: needinfo?(frsela)
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