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the content area of the page is just blank after flashing a plugin followed by a throbber briefly
Not able to reproduce from my Peak running 1.1 (Gecko/18.1). However, I *can* reproduce in Firefox for Android Beta (24.0) but *not* from Firefox for Android stable (23.0)

(You can use if you're not inclined to type that URL into test devices)
Scratch that, had an iphone UA mask on FF4Android 23 set that I forgot about. It appears like some combination of serversniff and perhaps clientside stuff going on. The most obvious thing is the "oldandroid" class on <html>. 

Need to dig in and see what's up.
Assignee: nobody → miket
html.oldandroid #nav #mobileBtnRight{padding:7px 0px 0px 13px;}
html.oldandroid #nav #mobileBtnRight img{width:15px;height:10px;vertical-align:baseline;}
html.oldandroid #items{-webkit-transform:translate3d(0, 0, 0);padding-bottom:100px;margin-top:0px;}
html.oldandroid #view-itemWell{position:absolute !important;z-index:1 !important;bottom:48px !important;overflow:hidden !important;}
html.oldandroid #view-itemWell .scroll{-webkit-tap-highlight-color:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);position:absolute;z-index:1;overflow:auto !important;height:auto !important;}
html.oldandroid #itemLoadingTop{display:none;}

I'm not familiar with whatever bug qz is trying to work around with "oldandroid", but "html.oldandroid #view-itemWell {... overflow:hidden !important;...}" is, well, hiding the content.

So it seems like their server detection is guessing that our lack of Android version token in the UA string means we're some old-n-busted default Android version, and the CSS workaround ends up hiding the article content.
Whiteboard: [serversniff][country-us][contactready]
Assignee: miket → nobody
There's some good leads here

Namely, @davidfcullen listed as web application engineer. Will attempt first contact via twitter.
Whiteboard: [serversniff][country-us][contactready] → [serversniff][country-us][sitewait]
Taking a look into it.  Will follow up soon.  Thanks for the heads up!
Bad browser checking on our part.  Will be fixed in our next push (early next week).

Old android was set for us to initialize and style iScroll on 2.3.x and below (overflow: hidden with fixed position is inconsistent at best).  The bad check is a bit of an artifact from earlier versions.
Thanks a lot David!
Fix is live now. Three cheers for a super responsive engineering team. :)
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Product: Tech Evangelism → Web Compatibility
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