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Upgrade to latest jquery


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jQuery is up to 1.10.2 at the time I'm filing this, but Tabzilla still explicitly includes 1.7.1, overriding any other version a site that embeds Tabzilla might have locally.

We should upgrade Tabzilla's copy of jQuery unless there's a compelling reason not to (like if 1.10 would trigger widespread breakage on those sites that have come to rely on the 1.7 included with Tabzilla).

This might tie into bug 915259 also, if we want to host a central instance of jQuery on the CDN and keep it up to date.
Ok, seems it doesn't override the host site's copy of jquery as long as that loads first... but we should still update it in tabzilla, but that likely means updating for the rest of bedrock (which we probably should also do).
For reference, I just recently filed this bug here re: updating jQuery for the rest of bedrock:
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New lightweight Tabzilla no longer has a jQuery dependency
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