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SVG-in-OpenType glyphs use the font's unitsPerEm value, not a fixed 1000-unit space


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We missed one issue in bug 906521: the unified spec says that the glyphs "are designed on an em specified in the head table’s unitsPerEm field", rather than the fixed 1000-unit space in our original implementation.
Oh, and while we're here, it looks like SVG glyphs won't take account of any font-size-adjust scaling that's in effect. We should fix that, too.
This makes us respect the font's unitsPerEm value. Note that this will affect existing examples/testcases that are based on TrueType fonts with upem=2048, so we'll need to update those accordingly.
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SVG-in-OpenType glyphs should use the font's unitsPerEm value.

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::: gfx/thebes/gfxFont.h
@@ +533,5 @@
>      hb_blob_t* GetTableFromFontData(const void* aFontData, uint32_t aTableTag);
> +    // Font's unitsPerEm from the 'head' table, if available (will be set to
> +    // kInvalidUPEM for non-sfnt font formats)
> +    uint16_t         mUnitsPerEm;

Don't indent
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The scaling change here breaks all the reftests, because Liberation has a unitsPerEm of 2048. For a simple fix, I've generated a new set of test fonts based on FiraSansOT, with a unitsPerEm of 1000, so as to preserve the scaling of the glyphs.
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As a bonus, I believe the new test font here is responsible for fixing bugs 872486 and 872491, probably as a result of more consistent line-height metrics across the various 'sfnt' tables. So I've removed the relevant fails-if()/random-if() annotations from the reftest manifest.
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