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Run reftests on B2G Desktop builds


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We need to start running reftests on B2G desktop builds (opt and debug)

We can run all tests on the linux64 builds, and perhaps some subset on other platforms.

Debug builds are being stood up in bug 916111, but we can get started on testing the opt builds now.
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Depends on: 916350
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Patch 1.0 - add reftest to b2g desktop mozharness script

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I ran the above on Ash, no problems.
Depends on: 951223
I merged this into production.
Depends on: 957629
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Depends on: 963572
Reftest sanity is now running across all branches. Now it'll be a matter of getting the rest of the suite green on Cedar.
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Note: this patch should only affect cedar

The b2g desktop reftest logs are being truncated because they are bigger than 50mb. This is because there are a lot of test failures (and for reftest, each failure means dumping two screenshots to the log).

The easiest way to fix this is to increase the chunks. I propose 10, just because that is how many the emulator runs. 10 is likely overkill, but we can always tone it back down before pushing them across other branches if needed.
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buildbot-config patch was in production as of ~3pm PT! :)
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The logs are now ~33mb, though for some they still aren't loading in tbpl. I disabled verbosity to see if that helps.
Closing this because b2g desktop reftest sanity is running across the board and there are no longer immediate plans to run the full suite of reftests on b2g desktop (will be replaced by mulet).
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