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Increase pan / fling refresh rates for metrofx


(Firefox for Metro Graveyard :: Pan and Zoom, defect)

Windows 8.1
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Firefox 27


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We have a couple constants here - gPanRepaintInterval (250 msec) and gFlingRepaintInterval (75 msec). Both seem rather high for metro (and in general). Changing these to more reasonable values (20 fps / 50 msec) really seems to smooth out our scrolling. Kats, any thoughts on this?
I think doing that makes sense for Metro because you're running on higher-powered devices than FFOS which is what these values were tuned for originally. Note that the values are preffed so it should be a simple matter to just adjust the prefs in the metro default prefs file.
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prefs change for 20 fps scrolling
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Fine by me :)
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This change didn't actually take effect because of bug 936027.  Now that bug 936027 is fixed, we are actually using the new prefs, and it seems like a regression to me.  We are now painting several times more often (especially during flings) which seems to increase jank on my Surface Pro.  Should we revert to the original default values?
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Yeah I was seeing this too. We probably want to increase the interval at least, even if we don't revert back to the original defaults.
I'm not seeing any jank on an sp1, and the black rects problem has diminished as well. I can try adjusting the values and see what happens.
OS: Windows 8 Metro → Windows 8.1
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