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Remove dummy context from workers


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Workers keeps around a dummy context to appease the garbage collector, which used to do a rambo GC when the last context was destroyed. I fixed that in bug 905926, so now that context can go away.
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> We may still need it to deal with ctypes. 
> workers/RuntimeService.cpp#l875

I'm removing the ctypes context in the bug that depends on this one.

Regardless though, I'd hoped this could land as an unencumbered dep. I'm not sure exactly why we need to assert that we don't destroy our last context during a GC. Bill, is that assertion still relevant post bug 905926?
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The assertion was added by peterv in bug 475737 at Igor's request. It's never made clear in that bug why we needed it. JSContexts used to be a lot more important during GC than they are now, so it seems likely that the restriction is outdated. I think we should just remove it.
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Part 2 - Remove mLastContext hackery in workers. v1

Review of attachment 806925 [details] [diff] [review]:

Assuming you've addressed everything I warned you about, r=me.

::: dom/workers/RuntimeService.cpp
@@ +840,5 @@
>      auto rtPrivate = static_cast<WorkerThreadRuntimePrivate*>(JS_GetRuntimePrivate(Runtime()));
>      delete rtPrivate;
>      JS_SetRuntimePrivate(Runtime(), nullptr);
> +    // The  worker global should be unrooted and the shutdown cycle collection

nit: only one space between 'The' and 'worker'

@@ +847,4 @@
>      // in cycles that were broken during CC shutdown.
>      nsCycleCollector_shutdown();
> +    // The CC is shut down, and this will GC, so make sure we don't try to CC

s/this/the superclass destructor/
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