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Firefox Dev Tools Add-on for Publishing to Webmaker


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This was an idea that Ryan originally suggested.  Webmaker has X-Ray Goggles, which users really love.  Part of what they like is being able to easily play with what's in the DOM, make a change, and then save that page so they can show their friends ("Look mom, I'm on the NYT's front page!").

This project is about taking this to the next level, and leveraging similar work in the Firefox Dev Tools.  Similar to the Goggles, the Dev Tools have many ways to alter the DOM (i.e,. the Inspector) and CSS (i.e., Inspector, Style Editor).  There are also many other tools we might want to hook into somehow, and more being developed.

The idea is that a user could install this add-on in their browser, used the Dev Tools to change a page somehow, then publish it to Webmaker and MakeAPI using their Webmaker Persona login.

In terms of how to get started, I'd suggest the following:

* Join #webmaker (webmaker, MakeAPI, Persona, etc.), #devtools (any questions re: Dev Tools), and #extdev (any questions re: add-on development) on irc.  You'll probably need to ask questions of people in all three at some point.

* Research how Firefox Extensions (i.e., add-ons) are built.  A good starting point is here -, but there are many other things Google will turn up.

* Research Victor's example Dev Tool Addon, see  Try and get it working in your Firefox browser.

* Figure out how to get the HTML/CSS/Script our of the dev tools in such a way that it can be sent to's publishing services.

* Figure out how to get Persona authentication working in the addon, and how to deal with's SSO (talk to jbuck/Pomax/cade in #webmaker).  We'll probably have to cook up some new way of allowing external publishing with a new node app.

Above all, let's do this in small steps, and don't let yourself get overwhelmed with all the details as you start.
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